Out of the considerable number of things Soulja Boy, 26, said amid his Jan. 3 Instagram Live tirade, the part about him laying down with Rihanna, 28, may be the most over the top. “I was with Rihanna, me and her, in the inn room,” Soulja said. “What was the deal? Rihanna and I was in the lodging room, Chris [Brown] called my telephone, inquiring as to whether I was with Rihanna [and having sex.]”


No chance! Soulja and RiRi, attaching in the face of Chris’ good faith? Amazing. On top of that, Soulja reprimanded Chris, 26, for uncovering this undertaking. “Nobody would have known…if it wasn’t for you,” he said. “You’re and idiot. You exposed yourself. Now everybody knows I had both of your bitches.”


Soulja said his throw with RiRi was around “four or five years ago…it was a long time ago.” He likewise said that the main reason nobody discovered was on account of he kept it a mystery. “I don’t talk on my d*ck. ‘Oh, I f*cked her. I f*cked her.’ I kept it on the low, bro, for like six-seven years. Now, you just blew up her spot.” On top of dealing with Karrueche Tran, 28, Soulja indicated out Breezy that he now needs to manage an angry Rihanna. Uh-goodness.


Keep in mind about Kae. Karrueche surely wasn’t content with Chris – or Soulja Boy – commencing 2017 with this epic meat. While Soulja was impacting Chris, she was tearing down this quarrel. “This dramatization… is so ludicrous, it has neither rhyme nor reason,” she said. “This isn’t cool or amusing… it’s preparation. Not only for me, but rather for everybody.”


It’s really mind blowing that this show was brought on by a solitary Instagram remark. After Soulja left a string of “heart eye” emojis on one of Kae’s photos, Chris totally lost it. Blustery purportedly tested Soulja to a “battle,” and things rapidly took an alarming turn. Chris posted a (now erased) video where his companions held up weapons while supposedly undermining Soulja Boy! Ponder what Rihanna needs to say in regards to that, and her assumed relationship with SB being presented to the world?