Kylie Jenner’s rose gold hair looks so pretty and it’s right on trend as a Pantone color of the year 2017. Read expert tips to see if you should try her new hue, too!

Kylie Jenner‘s light pink hair is totally on trend. If you want to try out this look, read these expert tips from celebrity hair and color expert Jeff Chastain.

“I definitely consider this a trend worth trying if you’re looking for a fashionable hair color moment,” says Jeff. “It’s a little edge-y, while still being pretty and feminine”.

You won’t only be rocking a new hair color, but because the pink can highlight redness in skin, you should consider some makeup changes as well.

“It’s also very hard to wash out this hue on hair that’s been previously highlighted, so you may need a clarifying shampoo or professional color service to completely remove it when you’re ready.”

To do it yourself, try this concoction with Madison Reed products. Mix half a tube of Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco with a chickpea-sized amount of Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo to enhance strawberry and rose gold tones. Easy and fast to do at home! Plus, totally affordable!

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If you want something a little less permanent and more bold, maybe for Halloween, try Streekers. The Pink color is super vibrant and fun. It’s super easy to apply because it comes with a sponge-tip applicator. It also quickly dissolves with one wash.