Poor Kim Kardashian. The ‘KUTWK’ star is feeling ‘sad and disappointed’ that Beyonce and a few other friends have given her the cold shoulder in the wake of her frightening Paris robbery. Read ahead for EXCLUSIVE details as to why she expected more support during this tumultuous time.
Things haven’t exactly been easy for Kim Kardashian, 36, since her traumatic robbery at the Hotel Pourtales on Oct. 3. As she heals and tries to pursue normalcy in her life once again, she couldn’t help but feel hurt by those who didn’t check in to see how she was doing after the haunting experience. “Beyonce has not reached out to Kim since her incident in Paris which is no surprise to Kim as they have never been close,” a source close to the superstars tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim is realizing who she can and can not rely on during tough times. She is sad and disappointed that certain people like Beyonce have been so cold.”

Our source continued, “Kim gets that Beyonce has a family of her own and a very busy career but Kim also feels it would be nice to get flowers or something. But no, not so much as a text message from Beyonce.” We knew something was up when the reality star’s hubby Kanye West, 39, voiced his frustrations during his Seattle concert on Oct. 19. He began, “Don’t call me, after the robbery, and say ‘How you feelin’?’ You wanna know how I’m feeling? Come by the house,” he revealed on stage, adding, “Bring the kids by the house, like we’re brothers.” Yikes! LaLa Anthony and Jonathan Cheban both stopped by immediately after to show their support, so it’s obvious he was wondering where Bey and Jay-Z were.

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To Queen B’s defense, she did just wrap up her Formation world tour on Oct. 7, which was only days after the heist, so she may have been waiting for a more opportune time to pay Kim a visit. Even though Yeezy had some fighting words for his mentor, were assuming they’ll bury the hatchet at one point or another. Aside from the fact the music moguls have major history together, Hova is “not planning on firing back at Kanye” in a public way as we previously reported, since it wouldn’t benefit either of them. Hopefully, all of them will let bygones be bygones!