Yikes! Kate & Jon Gosselin’s relationship is even uglier than we thought! It’s gotten SO bad in fact that just last year, in police reports that have recently surfaced, Kate made shocking claims against her ex. She alleged that not only did Jon kidnap their 12-year-old daughter Hannah, but that he ALSO is a drug dealer!
Kate Gosselin, 41, seems to have it OUT for her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, 39. And while the two, who share eight children together, split back in 2009, there’s apparently still major bad blood between the two of them! In fact, last year, Kate made wild claims against Jon, accusing him of being inappropriate with their daughter Hannah, 12, kidnapping her, and even being a drug dealer! Yep, things just got REAL

The police reports from the incident, which were obtained by InTouch magazine, say that Kate claimed there was “suspicious behavior” between the father and daughter, and if that’s true, Jon could end up losing his kids for good. Clearly Kate is not messing around. But what sparked her to file such vicious complaints? Apparently it all began when, on April 23, 2015, Hannah visited Jon and refused to leave.

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The police report says that Kate called the police and reported her missing. “Hannah was found safe with Jon,” the incident data sheet filed by the Lower Heidelberg Township, PA. police department read. After being checked on by officers, the report stated that Hannah had complained that Kate and “Steve” — presumed to be her bodyguard Steve Neild — were “always yelling.” She said that she “did not want to go home to her mommy.”

And while the incident looked like a closed case, Kate escalated the event, calling the police again and claiming that Jon had “kidnapped” Hannah. But it didn’t even stop there. “[Kate] told PD her ex-husband is a drug dealer, who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics,” the papers said. “She also stated he frequently drinks alcohol around the children.”

But perhaps worst of all, she also reportedly said that she believed Jon had left Hannah alone for a night without supervision. And then three days later she told police that she suspected him of “suspicious behavior” with Hannah. However, investigators found no evidence to suggest that Jon had harmed Hannah in any way.

“Kate doesn’t allow the kids to spend one minute longer with Jon than their allotted time,” an insider revealed to the publication. “She lashes out at Jon. It’s so sad.” In fact, the source believes that Kate actually made the allegations against him because she wanted to have Hannah back with her in time to film the family reality show Kate Plus 8.

But apparently Jon isn’t going down without a fight. “Jon will soon file the paperwork needed to obtain join legal custody of the kids,” the source added. “He misses them every day.”