Hillary Clinton proved once again at the third and final presidential debate on Oct. 19, that she is a force to be reckoned with. Hillary, who in just a few short weeks could be the first female president of the United States, looked fabulous in a white pantsuit, that actually had a deeper meaning behind it than just looking fabulous. Check out her patriotic look, right here!
Hillary Clinton, 68, had us totally in awe of her ability to look powerful, strong and totally stylish, all while duking it out with her opponent, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Hillary completely dominated the debate while wearing a gorgeous white pantsuit and we absolutely loved it! The biggest reason? It was a patriotic nod, as Hillary wore red to the first debate, blue to the second and now white! OMG!

Our Democratic presidential nominee looked commanding and beautiful in her two-piece outfit! The pantsuit had large white buttons and a sleek curved neckline. So very chic, Hillary! Her makeup looked so understated and flawless, with rosy cheeks and pink lips, complementing her iconic blonde bob. She donned some gold looped stud earrings and a gold chain bracelet as her only pieces of jewelry, which we thought was a great choice! Also, those black heels! Way to look so presidential already Hillary!

We can’t get enough of how she manages to look in complete control of every situation she’s in, no matter how heated the debate with the 70-year-old got. Hillary has DEFINITELY got class. The self proclaimed “pantsuit aficionado” has never disappointed us with her ability to look poised and formidable. We can’t wait to see what looks she rocks in the coming weeks and what clothes she’s gonna bring with her if she heads back to the White House! Okay, let’s be honest, you know she already has her bags packed.