Anytime Donald Trump speaks, his words are bound to attract a strong reaction — and the 3rd presidential debate is no exception. ‘Bad hombres’ is how the business mogul described criminals south of the border, and now, fans are freaking out over his racist comment. See the funny memes!

Up through now we’ve heard SO much garbage come out of Donald Trump‘s, 70, mouth, to the point where shocking us seemed virtually impossible. Everything from his plans to kick all the Muslims out of the U.S to his attempts of grabbing women by the p—y has left our jaws on the floor. Yet somehow, he still manages to blow our socks off for all the wrong reasons. “We have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out,” said Donald during the final presidential debate as a way to describe Mexican criminals.

You cannot make this stuff up! It’s just too wild! The one person not surprised, however, is wifey Melania Trump. Sure, we suppose she has no choice but to support her husband at this time, but can she at least acknowledge that some of these sexual assault allegations could be true? According to the Slovenian beauty who spoke with Anderson Cooper in a sit-down interview, Donald’s “real” and “raw” talk is what she loves most about him. She even insists that no one supports and encourages women more than the business mogul.

Donald Trump: See Him Lurking At The 2nd Debate

Even on the rare occasion when Donald does keep his mouth shut, he STILL gives us something to talk about! As reenacted on the hilarious Saturday Night Live episode, Donald was totally creeping on Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate earlier this month. It was so funny! Every time Hillary answered one of the moderator’s questions, the Republican nominee found himself standing behind her awkwardly. If Donald doesn’t win this race to the White House, he should seriously consider trying out for the circus.