Carrie Fisher was continually making individuals let out a grin in life, and she ensured she got only one more out of them in death.

It was uncovered on Friday that Fisher’s cinders were set in a large Prozac-pill urn.

“It was a porcelain antique Prozac pill from the ’50s that was one of Carrie’s prized possessions,” Todd, Fisher’s brother, told Us.

Fisher died of heart attack before the end of last month. She was 60. Her mom, the famous starlet Reynolds, passed on a day later. She was 84.

Fisher was honest and open about her battles with drugs and mental illness throughout her career. She additionally had a screwy comical inclination, so it bodes well the Princess Leia performer would need her urn to take after an upper pill.

A private gathering for friends was held in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Meryl Streep was among those in participation.

Todd Fisher has said the family would arrange an open remembrance for the two actresses in the future.