Kylie Jenner is pretty savvy with regards to continually giving us another of her fiercely popular cosmetic products to want—and just as soon we’d gotten over the huge Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection, she took to Snapchat Sunday evening to prod what may or won’t not be two new accumulations. They’re named after two of her relatives, which she’s been doing of late—like the Koko Kollection she propelled with sister Khloé Kardashian—yet they may not precisely be the ones you’d expect.

See, North West and Penelope Disick restorative accumulations, skilled to every young lady (or potentially their moms, Kim Kardashian and Khloé, separately). Be that as it may, they’re an extraordinary old shade: Cool Aunt Kylie Jenner had the greater part of the gathering’s items hand crafted in each of the young lady’s most loved hues. (What’s more, keeping in mind that you think pre-kindergartners are excessively youthful for cosmetics, North West’s as of now experimented with a lip unit and appeared to appreciate it.)

But we have so many questions! Are they just Christmas gifts? They were totally packaged like normal Kylie Cosmetics products, and assembling unique cases of whole accumulations doesn’t come modest. Will we have the capacity to really get them? Provided that this is true, when? Also, what do the actual palettes look like? (What we can see of the accumulations looks truly cool.)

Check them out:

Kylie’s custom gifts to Penelope & North. A whole set in their favorite color 💕💜

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Only for North 💜

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So many questions—but we’ll definitely keep you posted with the answers. In the meantime, we bet Kim and Khloé will have a great time wearing the custom shades. Either that, or this is pretty much the best dress-up makeup ever.