You may not know Kim Kimble, but rather you’ve seen her work. She styles Zendaya and even done searches for Beyoncé’s Lemonade collection. She’ an OG and her show, L.A. Hair, an unscripted television demonstrate that highlights show inside a hair salon in Los Angeles are the best. Sound insane? It is. The majority of the beauticians have huge identities and need to be Kimble—it’s a fascinating train wreck, and I can’t stop watching.

Season 4 was the most elevated evaluated period of L.A. Hair to date, with more than one million aggregate viewers all things considered per scene. Be that as it may, in the new season (which publicized the previous evening) Kimble chooses to clean house, and get another staff to bolster her “Kim-pure” as she says. There’s much change. However, this is what I’m most left about:

The dramatization is realWatching L.A Hair resemble dysfunctional family work together. It’s total chaos. Each beautician has suppositions about how the salon ought to run thus far season 5 doesn’t disillusion. Simply take a look:

Watching stars get kibble-izedEvery season exhibits another chance to watch a big name get a hair change. One of my top picks was in season 2 (scene 10) where Kimble gave Kelly Rowland beachy waves for her collection cover. I asked Kimble who she’d love to show up on her show and she said hair chameleon, Rihanna. Truly, I’d drop everything to see Rhi-Rhi styled by one of the best. Wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, Kimble says that not happening on this season (which, BTW, Kim Kardashian isn’t showing up either. Obviously I asked) however she guarantees Mya, Anthony Anderson, Chrisette Michelle, LisaRaye, and Toccara will be in her seat.

The new Castin the new season, Kimble stays resolved to keep the salon crisp, so she chooses to include new beauticians. Most are names I’ve never known about, but viral sensation James Wright (aka the Patti pie guy) is added to the mix, and he too hopes to live up to Kim’s high standards.

I don’t think about you. However, I’ll make certain to tune in this season and do exactly what Kimble says: “Watch the queen reign supreme!”